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Favorite Spots

Remember, eating out isn’t always good for the waistline, but delicious food is always good for the soul.  With that in mind, check out some of my favorite places that I’ve been to.  See if they inspire any happy dances…

Bareback Grill   San Diego, CA
Devon Seafood Grill  Philadelphia, PA
Extraordinary Desserts   San Diego, CA
Golden Spoon   Carlsbad, CA
Paris Bakery  Monterey, CA
Parker-Lusseau   Monterey, CA
Patisserie Bechler
  Monterey, CA
The Ramos House Cafe   San Juan Capistrano, CA
Rex 1516  Philadelphia, PA
Rouge Philadelphia, PA
Sally Loo’s Wholesome Cafe  San Luis Obispo, CA
SloCo Pasty Company   San Luis Obispo, CA
Sunda Chicago, IL

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