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Best Meal In Philadelphia…and The Best Bread Pudding Ever!

The second night in Philadelphia was magical.  We had dinner at Rouge right in Rittenhouse Square and everyone wasView full post »


Food That I Daydream About: Sunda Asian Fusion Restaurant in Chicago

I had the luckiest opportunity to have a trade show in Chicago, IL which meant that I got to eat some of the mostView full post »


My Favorite Dinner in Philly: Devon Seafood Grill

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to rave about Devon Seafood Grill. We ate a lot of really good foodView full post »


First Night in Philadelphia at Rex 1516…Amazing!

Last year, I was lucky enough to be sent to Philadelphia for a trade show.  My first night in Philadelphia a group ofView full post »


SloCo Pasty Company

The honey and I set off for a trip up the coast a few weeks ago.  I had been looking forward to this trip for over aView full post »

The Best Burger In San Diego

Last Sunday was an amazing day. I spent the day whale watching with my dad and my honey.  We saw three beautiful greyView full post »

Patisserie Bechler

If you’re familiar with the Monterey area, I’m sure you’ve heard of Patisserie Bechler.  This placeView full post »

The Ramos House Cafe

One of my favorite restaurants in Orange County is The Ramos House Café.  It’s right in downtown San JuanView full post »

Extraordinary Desserts

Karen Krasne is the fouder and mastermind behind the absolute best dessert spot in San Diego: Extraordinary Desserts. View full post »