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An Amazing Chocolate Experience at Max Brenner Las Vegas

Where can you get the best ice cream sundae in Las Vegas?  As far as I know… Max Brenner.

Max Brenner offers the most spectacular chocolate experience I have ever had.  How can you walk by a restaurant that smells like warm melting chocolate and not walk in to see what it is all about?  Exactly… That’s how I ended up with this…


This goblet is filled with deep chocolate peanut butter ice cream, dulce de leche ice cream, carmelized bananas, spiced peanuts, and chunks of chocolate, topped with whipped cream, bits of hazelnuts, and served with a side of warm chocolate peanut butter and milk chocolate ganache.  Yep.

The last time I went to Max Brenner was for brunch one lovely day.  That day I had pancakes that changed my life…


These are Max Brenner’s Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Pancakes.  Life Changing.  Any restaurant that serves your pancakes sides of two different types of melted chocolate instead of maple syrup needs to be praised and given accolades.  The next time you are in Las Vegas or anywhere there is a Max Brenner Restaurant…you must have breakfast AND dessert there… you must.

And you must get one of their mochas that they serve in their signature hug mugs.  I’ll share my photo of my mocha in my hug mug as soon as I can find it…but for those that don’t know, it’s a special mug designed to be held (hugged) with two hands.  Genius.

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