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Best Meal In Philadelphia…and The Best Bread Pudding Ever!

The second night in Philadelphia was magical.  We had dinner at Rouge right in Rittenhouse Square and everyone was blown away.  We had a group of at least 15 people and I would have more photos for you if I was more comfortable asking strangers/acquaintances if I could photograph their food…

Rouge has a spectacular menu and it constantly changes.  All of the ingredients are so fresh and everything that is put on your plate is there for a very magical reason.


Philadelphia is home to my favorite salads (you can check out my other favorite salad here).  This roasted beet salad was so good!  Roasted beets on a bed of arugula with fried goat cheese… so freakin’ yummy!


These seared scallops melted in your mouth…and that risotto?  Oh my…that risotto…


I’m sorry this picture of this beautiful mac and cheese is so blurry, but it would be such a shame to leave it out.  It’s baked and served in a cast iron dish…doesn’t that alone make it legit?  It was amazing

Why is this picture so blurry?  Because I refused to put my fork down just to take pictures… I know…not my proudest moment…  One of my happiest…but not my proudest…


Now… Rouge’s Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding was sincerely the absolute best bread pudding I have ever encountered.  First of all…it’s beautiful, and let’s face it, bread pudding isn’t always beautiful…  Second, it was so delicate in texture and so incredibly satisfying to eat.  “Satisfying” just doesn’t do it justice.  It makes you happy from the inside out.  You take one bite of this bread pudding and you radiate happiness… the glow you get from eating this bread pudding stays with you… Forever.  Like ever ever…


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